Duration: 9 hours


Price: from € 105.00 (per person)

Departure: Vicenza

Arrival: Vicenza



Riding trough the streets of the centre, the stones have memories of the steps of a young stonemason who came from Padua to build the new face of Vicenza and its successful countryside. Genius and luck. Intuition and resources. A meeting. Just outside the city, between the stones and the dust of the yard of the Villa Triissino, his patron Giangiorgio coins the most famous name of modern architecture: Palladio.


In the center of Caldogno, among the trees stands out the roof of Villa Caldogno, which reveals the elegant harmony of its Palladian forms. Inside, the life of the nobility that dwelt in these spaces is captured in the frescoed walls: card players, court musicians and lavish banquets.

After the visit, the traditional dishes are cooked as from the most ancient recipes of the territory, and the lunch is served in a typical restaurant.


In the afternoon, the discovery of the harmonious landscape leads trough nature, Villas and orderly crops. A song of the nightingale gladdens the passage in the Oasis Risorgive, where the Bacchiglione river, after a long rest re-emerges in this place of refreshment of the soul. In Villa Valmarana Bressan the serliana filter the sunlight and elegant frescoed hall is immerse in a magic atmosphere. Riding along the countryside path, the water lilies float like the thoughts of those who are absorbed contemplate the façade of Villa Da Porto Pedrotti, only to be surprised by a few pedal-stones further on, at the sight of the majestic eighteenth-century staircase of Villa Da Porto Casarotto.


Along the riverbank of the Tesina, the slow story of the river breeze reaches the ear. The bricks of Villa Thiene take on new nuances and the memories of an older past re-emerge. In the Bertesina area, it welcomes the atmosphere of an ancient village enriched by the Palladian Villa Gazzotti Grimani and the elegant Villa Ghilanzoni Curti where a glass of wine from the farm and typical products of own production are the perfect restore before coming back to Vicenza.


Otium in the High Villas of Vicenza

  • 1 .  E- Bike tour at the discovery of the countryside Palladian Villas


    2 . Villa Trissino Cricoli: a view on the meeting place that changed the future of modern architecture


    3 . The notes of the concert frescoed on the wall in Villa Caldogno resound


    4 . Vicenza tradition at the table: codfish croutons and the typical recipes


    5 . The sounds of water: the Oasis of Bacchiglione Springs


    6 . The magic light from the serliana in Villa Valmarana Bressan

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