Duration: 10 hours


Price: from € 125.00 (per person)

Departure: Vicenza

Arrival: Vicenza



In the lively heart of the city of Vicenza begins this journey to the lands of Lonigo, in the places where centuries ago the standard of the Pisan nobles, lords of Venice, waved in the wind.

Along the Riviera Berica the green countryside becomes more and more vivid. The architecture of Villa La Rotonda narrates the history of the noble families who dwelt and lazed around in these places.

In the conquered lands, the new economies took hold, first and foremost the wheat economy.

From the oven comes the scent of tradition: homemade cakes with genuine ingredients for the sweetest of the snacks. After a slow and absorbed wander, the innkeeper of the traditional restaurant welcomes the travellers for lunch.
The true and authentic flavours of these lands are emphasized by a glass of great wine; the delicious symposium is an experience fit for a lord.


After the banquet, it's time to leave and reach the Lonigo Lands. From the top of the hill, Rocca Pisana welcomes the travellers. In its presence, the sensation of dominion hits the ones observing the panorama.

In the town square, the steps of Palazzo Pisani bring back to mind the prosperity of the lords of the Serenissima.


Once in Villa Pisani Bonetti, the greenery of the Villa's large garden and the formal simplicity of the spaces designed by Palladio are the perfect frame for refreshment. The Lion of the family is proud in the vault of the great atrium. The scents of the Osteria del Guà awaken the senses to prepare the appetite for the house aperitif: smoked egg with hazelnuts from the Villa accompanied by a glass of delicious wine.

The time to return has come, in the saddle of the e-bike, the direction is Vicenza.


Towards Pisani's Lands

  • 1 .  From the Riviera Berica the sublime view of the symmetries of Villa La Rotonda


    2 . The genuine snack in the artisan pastry shop


    3 . The true and authentic flavour of the local restaurant


    4 . The Pisan fortress dominates the ancient Pisani's Lands


    5 . The restoring beauty of Villa Pisani Bonetti


    6 . The delicacies of the Osteria del Guà Aperitif

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